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Title: UnknownLove Runs Out
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Love Runs Out - OneRepublic

I'll be your light, your match, your burning sun
I'll be the bright and black that's making you run
And I feel alright, and we'll feel alright
'Cause we'll work it out, yeah we'll work it out

make me choose;;  queerhawkeye asked: sebastian smythe or isaac lahey, & mscellophane asked: sebastian smythe or barry allen

Let me introduce you Thomas Grant Gustin (insp.)

My ALS Ice bucket video. Thanks to my friends, Candice, Cody, Liz, Sam & Jon for the help…

grantgust: #FBF to the week before we started filming and I had a lot more hair..
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The Flash/Barry

It took me 4 days to finish ?? O_O  Makes me wonder what I’m actually doing with my life. I believe it’s my 9th painting of The Flash. I don’t want to see myself when the show really starts… 


popsong: well, that’s nothing

“I don’t really know- no one really knows yet what the backstory is, why he’s the way he is, but there absolutely has to be another side of Sebastian. […] I definitely think he has been hurt in one way or another by someone very important in his life, obviously, or he wouldn’t be acting the way he’s acting” - Grant Gustin

You should see him. He’s beautiful.

Stiles Stilinski’s life turns upside down after he’s bitten by a genetically modified spider and discovers that he has developed spider-like abilities. He doesn’t need his glasses anymore, his senses have become sharper, he can climb anything, and hey, becoming a captain of the lacrosse team is just a bonus. Unfortunately very soon Stiles finds out that it’s not all just fun and games.

i am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer and what i did in my untreated state was not my fault.

Sebastian Smythe - Performances